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Pallet Shuttle Automation and Avectous Integrated Software form Strategic Alliance

Pallet Shuttle Automation, LLC headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and Avectous Integrated Software Solutions located in Santa Ana, California announce a unique strategic alliance combining fully automated Pallet Shuttle Storage and Retrieval Systems with end to end Order Fulfillment System Solutions.   Steve Cappella, CEO of Pallet Shuttle said;  The U.S. demand for industrial robotics and

Augmented Reality the Future of Training

"The Robots are Coming!", is the cry of fear from factory workers, taxi drivers, bank tellers, cashiers and delivery drivers.   Yes, eventually, these jobs will all be outsourced to drones, robots, automated machines and autonomous vehicles. The challenge ahead for these and other displaced workers will be the need to keep up with the

Pallet Shuttle Expands Manufacturing to the U.S.A

Pallet Shuttle Automation, LLC (PSA) has reached an agreement with Storage Management Systems (SMS) of South Africa to expand manufacturing operations of its Omni-Directional Pallet Shuttle System to the U.S.A. Pallet Shuttle is an Automated Deep Lane Pallet Storage and Retrieval system that increases warehouse storage capacity, reduces forklift usage and enhances labor utilization. Steve

Top 5 Reasons to Implement Pallet Shuttle

With the economy on an up-turn, many companies are experiencing steady growths - with an increase of raw materials and accruing SKUs of finished goods. Material handlers in both manufacturing and distribution industries are making efforts to keep up with a variety of package forms current consumers are driving. Additional SKUs and lighter packaging can become