Pallet Shuttle Automation, LLC headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and Avectous Integrated Software Solutions located in Santa Ana, California announce a unique strategic alliance combining fully automated Pallet Shuttle Storage and Retrieval Systems with end to end Order Fulfillment System Solutions.   Steve Cappella, CEO of Pallet Shuttle said;  The U.S. demand for industrial robotics and automated storage is reaching a tipping point.  Our alliance with Avectous will create dynamic and flexible end to end automated warehouse solutions that are cost effective, easy to deploy and completely modular.”

Bob Davidson, Vice President of Partner Relations said; “Our partnership with Pallet Shuttle fills the gap for many clients that want to reduce or eliminate dangerous and redundant manual labor processes.”

Pallet Shuttle systems including turnkey Avectous Software can be acquired with long term lease financing including comprehensive fixed price maintenance.

The future of warehouse automation implementation may have just arrived!

Pallet Shuttle is a registered trade mark of Pallet Shuttle Automation LLC., a Veteran Owned Company